Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where did my Potty Seat go Mommy?

The first thing my daughter asked me this morning.

She has been toilet trained for 14 months now (night trained too WOOHOO), but we always used one of those seats that go on the toilet. It was perfect.

Seat + kiddie stool = toilet trained!

But then I realized that when she starts school (possibly next month) she won't have the seat like she has at home. She might have a stool at school, but will have to learn to sit unassisted on the toilet. She's never sat unassisted on a toilet. She has a tiny tushy that she knows can fit through the seat and she is nervous... So I hid the kiddie seat.

So far she has done ok. She's a little nervous but is kinda figuring it out.

But, how do I explain the appearance of said seat when the youngest has to use it later today?

The youngest has always had constipation issues. So, to make it easier on her tummy (and bottom), we trained her on the kiddie seat about 6 months ago, just for the ease. Now she will only wet her diapers, and things are much easier :)

Kiddie Time

Today we pulled the kids table into the livingroom for some good colouring fun. The oldest wrote the letter "P" and the number "8" without any prompting from mommy! She also decided that the dark blue colour was not too nice, so the light blue would be PERFEK.

The youngest, ate the pink crayon first and tried to chase it with a yellow. Mmmmm. I caught her and no she didn't swallow any of the crayons. I fished the pieces right out of her mouth before she could really get a good taste of them.

This afternoon will be play time. Working on speach with the youngest (as she still isn't talking) and teaching her objects. Ball, Cat, Book, Shoe, Cup....the easy everyday words.

Me Time

My me time today will be starting the photo book for my girls. I've been wanting to make one for sometime and don't get much time. So for half an hour today I will get to work on it. I am so excited!

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