Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bye bye soother....

and so it begins.

My youngest has had chapped lips for about a month. Well, its more than just lips, its all around the soother line. We have tried extreme moisturizers, oatmeal moisturizers, lip balm, vasaline...NOTHING is working. The redness goes away for a couple of days, the BAM its back and angrier than ever.

Today I bit the bullet. I "lost" her soother for nap time. Needless to say, she is NOT sleeping and I doubt she will.

The oldest is watching "Henry and his Bucket full of Dinosaurs", which surprises me, this is usually movie time.

Things are going so fast around here. My babies are growing up. They are getting more independant and I miss the baby-ness of it all. *sigh*


Today the oldest and I will be reading a couple of books. I am trying to teach her to read the small common words, the, and, book, ball, shoe, mom, dad....
Colouring will also be a big part of the afternoon, and then after the youngest's "nap" time is over, we are having a Sharon, Lois and Brahm dance party!


I will be journaling for the girls today. Filling them in on this past week in their life, filling it with words of encouragement and praise. Maybe getting them to give me something special to put in it for them kinda like a time capsule.

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