Thursday, June 9, 2011

Long Time, No blog....

Oh my! It's been 2 years since my last post!!!! Things have really changed.

Our oldest is almost done Kindergarten! Can you believe that???? Her graduation ceremony is on the 29th of June and I WILL be going! She has made many friends and has come into herself very nicely! She is reading so well and we are so proud of her.

Our youngest, was diagnosed last week with Autism Spectrum disorder. We knew this would be the official diagnosis. Her "symptoms" included : GROSS speech delay, lining up toys, nesting by shape colour and size, not being able to socialize, limited eye contact, not understanding danger, hand flapping, MAJOR mood swings...I am sure there were more, but we did not notice them.

Right now we wait. In about a week We will receive our follow up appointment and be assigned an "Autism Doctor". The Nurse Practitioner called him our Autism Quarterback. We thought that was cute.

So things are now going in a different direction. No longer are we just hoping for M to speak, but we are hoping to learn more about autism, teach her older sister about autism and be able to maintain calm, peace and a level head with the outbursts and tantrums.