Friday, March 13, 2009

No longer my "little" girl

My oldest started putting herself to bed *sniff*....AND she insists on checking on her baby sister alone too!

She makes sure we are seated in the livingroom, says goodnight and off she goes.
She peeks in her sisters crib, climbs into bed and covers up for the night...

They sure do grow up too fast! It's amazing! One day they are peeing all over the change table and the next minute they are almost in she'll be getting married, or having her own babies!...hopefully not that soon ;)


I steam cleaned the carpet in the back, vacuumed like a madwoman today, swept, mopped, sqeegeed, organized, recycled, washed dried, hanged and changed many many things. Hmmm
Maybe because it is no longer MINUS A MILLION and it is finally on the plus side of zero. I feel energized
I wonder how long this will stay?

Tomorrow out comes the vinnegar, water and newspaper for the windows. Bleach for the walls and cupboards and toys....


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