Monday, April 27, 2009


Can I just say that I am absolutely tired of this dreary winter? Erm...spring? Whatever. LOL
This weekend we had SNOWSHOWERS. Sure, its only the middle of April...well almost end, but snowshowers? COME ON MOTHER NATURE, please stop teasing us.

My girls are starting to get antsy and well lets face it, so am I. I yearn to feel the warm sun rays on my bare shoulders, to smell the sweet scent of clover. My girls just want to be able to play outside with out their winter coats or mittens.

Craft time

This week, if it ever gets decent outside. We are going to go on a nature walk. I am going to have the oldest pick her favorite sticks and pine cones and well...stuff that is laying on the ground as I am trying to teach her to respect the environment. We are going to make a birdhouse out of an old milk carton. It should be a blast, she loves glue :D

Me time

Today I have been trying relentlessly for over an hour to fix my computer. It wouldn't recognize my mouse and I couldn't do anything...I found out it was the batteries. *sigh*

For the kids

I want to try to find a children's site for animal and environment preservation. I want to teach my girls to respect and protect the animals and the planet. Before she was 2 my oldest knew how to recycle. We are so proud of her. Now to teach her more about other ways to make things better for her generation.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Emotional day

This morning, I spoke with my girlfriend (the one who lost her son) for the first time in months. I mean really spoke. We email and use facebook quite often...ahhh the power of the interwebs.
I made sure to tell her how much she means to me, how much I love her. I don't know the whole story yet as I can not due to court proceedings, but I am sure I will soon...when she is ready. I told her how she is going to become an advocate, a public speaker.

As we were speaking, my girls started battling. The youngest was crying, the oldest was being bossy, and my dear friend could hear this in the background. She told me to love my girls, protect them and raise them right. Give them a voice and let it be heard.

Then we cried together.

I know there will be more tears, and I am sure every time we see each other there will be a flood of emotion.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oy Its been a long time

I haven't had the chance to blog in a while. Been working like crazy, enjoying Spring time with the girls and enjoying every moment I have with them.

Since my friend lost her son in a tragic way, I have definitely tried to be there for her in any way possible. It's so sad.

The Doodlebops

We took our oldest to see The Doodlebops Live, a couple of weeks ago. And I am highly disappointed with the show. Many of the items at the merch table were choking hazards! Seriously! For kids aged 1-6 Not a good idea to sell flashing glowsticks filled with watch batteries and hanging from a lanyard that is attached by a small metal hook... WTF were they thinking? Also, they had back up dancers...W.T.F? I don't get it at all...even my child did not like it, until the end when we got to go home.


Easter, Chocolates and Croup

Good Friday was FABULOUS! We went to my mom's house for early Easter supper and the girls went nuts playing with the cousins. It was so much fun to watch them all get along so well.

Saturday the weather was AMAZING so we played in the backyard. Swings, Slides, was superb. I took so many photos of those girls getting dirty.

Sunday we went to my SIL's place for dinner. The oldest actually hugged her loud uncle ON HER OWN for the first time ever, warmed my heart. Too much chocolate that day. But it was Easter and she hasn't had any since...Yes I know, mean mommy *wink. Then at bedtime it started...

The sea of boogers began to swell and ooze, from BOTH girls...UGH. Coughing was next on the table.

Monday more ooze.

Tuesday the youngest was SUPER clingy so I called in to work as she is a real momma's girl, but she slept so I thought I had called in for nothing, until 12:45 when she began the croup seal bark and was having troubles breathing... siiiiigh

Into the bathroom for 15 mins...did nothing.
Bundle her up and take her outside for 25 subsided THANK HEAVENS!

Today (Friday) the breathing is much better and the sea of snot is still here, but its no longer high tide!

Me Time

Today, not too much in the way of me time. I have to TRY to get the youngest to nap so I can have my shower before work. Then tomorrow we have to attend a memorial for a dear friend who lost his battle with Lukemia last week, and I also have to go through all of the toys, clothes and appliances for charity.

Happy Weekend my friends :)