Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Two girls under the age of 4 is fun! Especially in the dreadfully long winter we've been having. Coming up with new ways to keep them entertained, happy, fed, not have to get really creative sometimes.

This morning, I took them for a small walk, as the littlest (still not steady on her feet in the winter boots) refused to keep her mittens on... sure it was only -4C but still...kinda cold. I gave my cheapo camera to the oldest and let her take pictures of our journey. It lasted all of 5 mins until she was done.


We can't do the scavenger hunts yet, as there is still snow EVERYWHERE. Most people in this neck of the woods don't shovel their walks, the ravine is a bit far to go for a squirrel hunt (with a camera).

So I think, I've decided, for now....we will bake. I will teach the oldest patience, measurements, how to make certain colours with food colouring. The youngest, when awake, will be happy having dance parties and rolling balls....when she's not taking aim at one of us as she masters the art of throwing.

This afternoon we will be making banana muffin top cookies, With some healthy modifications. MMmmmm. We have done this a few times already. To do so you will need the following:

  • Banana muffin mixture
  • 2 large overripe bananas
  • chocolate chips
  • nuts (if desired)
Mash the bananas in a large bowl.
Add the muffin mix for 12 muffins as called for on the package
Mix until smooth.
Throw in desired amount of chocolate chips and nuts if using them.

Drop onto lightly greased cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 for 20 mins.

Cool on racks.

This should make about 18 - 24 "muffin tops" as opposed to a dozen muffins.

Naptime is upon us

The youngest is down for a nap, dinner is made already and the oldest is watching Toy Story. Sometimes we all need a little help from Star Command.

There are a few things I need to accomplish today.

I need to vacuum but since the oldest likes to do that and the youngest likes to chase it, we can leave that chore until after naptime.

Dishes. The never ending pile. Must fill and run the dishwasher. It seems since I have started cooking more foods from scratch I have more dishes. The down fall of healthier eating.

The bathroom, or the pit as I lovingly refer to it as. Tub needs to be scrubbed and the drain needs to be hair free, floor needs to be swept and mirror needs to be toothpasteless.

My laundry. I need to fold it all, preferably without the "help" of my elves.

Taxes need to be finished...That will wait until after LOST tonight or when/if the other chores get finished prior to me leaving for work.

All in all, my day is full. My life is full. My arms are full. But I'm happy!

Me Time

My me time during the week has somewhat changed. I can no longer nap in the afternoon, as the oldest just won't have it. I can't soak in the bath for an hour, as my youngest won't have it. Nor can I go off gallavanting with the girls for some wobbly-pops in an hour's notice. My family won't have it, nor will my wallet.

Instead, I have journals for my girls. One for each of them, I play barbies and dress up with them, I call my friends for a quick chat in between tantrums and I miss holding my little ones in my arms. My me time today is to reflect and soak it all in. It won't last forever, but its still here today.

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