Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's YUCCKY mommy!

I was blown away by my oldest this morning. She has been on an "I don't want to eat" or "It's yuckky" kick for a while now, but this morning she took me into the kitchen and said "I want reglar cereal" So I promptly went through all the cereal we have in the house.

"Lucky charms?"
"nope...reglar cereal mommy"
"Mini wheats?"
" I said REGLAR cereal mommy"

so I grabbed the multigrain cheerios... "Yes Mommy, those ones! THE REGLAR CEREAL"
I poured her a bowl, and to my sheer delight she ate it all!

I have found that meal times are getting trickier. I have desperately started hiding more foods in things the oldest will eat...which sometimes is not much at all.

I have tried small portions, waiting until she asks for her meal, offering her a couple of choices, getting her to help me cook, drawing the shopping list so she can pick out the food. And she is stubborn!

Finally after some patience (it was REALLY hard to be patient) she wanted to eat the best cereal in the house!


Craft time

Today we are going to make cards for friends that live across the country. On the weekend she can mail them off.

  • glitter glue (3 colours)
  • paint
  • cardboard
  • stickers
  • feltpens
  • buttons
  • various scrapbooking supplies

Me time

Today, my me time consisted of catching up with old friends and complaining about our weather (This Weather is absolutely FREEZING! It was -40.5C this morning! OMG I just want spring to come NOW...or even better YESTERDAY!). I am also hoping to fold my laundry and put it away.
After work tonight I have to defrag my computer, and run a virus scan.

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