Friday, March 6, 2009

she's growing up

So we did it. We registered our oldest for preschool. It's in the basement of an old church, and quite honestly I had no clue what to expect.


My daughters happily ran (or wobbled) to each center, greeting other children, playing with the toys, puzzles and musical instruments (the youngest of course tried to taste everything in sight). My husband and I looked at each other and agreed, this place great! The teachers are so kind and patient, taking their time introducing themselves and even getting on the floor and playing with the children, walking us parents through each station and informing us of the basis of said station. Needless to say, I eagerly signed all of the cheques!

It was quarter to 6, we had already been there over an hour and it was past...way past suppertime so I gave the oldest our typical countdown

"Honey, see mommy's phone? What numbers are there?"
"Five Four Five mommy"
"When the numbers say Five Five O, its time to get our coats on and go home"
"Ok mommy"

We looked at my phone a couple of times, then she saw the numbers I reminded her that it was time to leave. That's when it happened.

The mother of all tantrums! HIGH PITCHED SCREAMING, followed by tears, jumping, throwing herself on the floor.

I was trying to wrangle the youngest, so my hubby took over...and the teacher jumped right in. It still took another 15 minutes to get her out, but with the teacher being so kind and patient it made it a bit easier.

It was clear, at that point, that THIS was the school for us!

Me Time

My me time today is this, right now. Blogging. Fridays are usually super busy for me and its hard to get a few minutes in to pamper myself. Spring is coming, though. The sunshine is lasting longer (now if it would only get warmer...-24C... WHY?!) and walks will be happening again.

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