Monday, April 27, 2009


Can I just say that I am absolutely tired of this dreary winter? Erm...spring? Whatever. LOL
This weekend we had SNOWSHOWERS. Sure, its only the middle of April...well almost end, but snowshowers? COME ON MOTHER NATURE, please stop teasing us.

My girls are starting to get antsy and well lets face it, so am I. I yearn to feel the warm sun rays on my bare shoulders, to smell the sweet scent of clover. My girls just want to be able to play outside with out their winter coats or mittens.

Craft time

This week, if it ever gets decent outside. We are going to go on a nature walk. I am going to have the oldest pick her favorite sticks and pine cones and well...stuff that is laying on the ground as I am trying to teach her to respect the environment. We are going to make a birdhouse out of an old milk carton. It should be a blast, she loves glue :D

Me time

Today I have been trying relentlessly for over an hour to fix my computer. It wouldn't recognize my mouse and I couldn't do anything...I found out it was the batteries. *sigh*

For the kids

I want to try to find a children's site for animal and environment preservation. I want to teach my girls to respect and protect the animals and the planet. Before she was 2 my oldest knew how to recycle. We are so proud of her. Now to teach her more about other ways to make things better for her generation.

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